You know where your happy place is.

We think you should spendmore time there.

When you know who you are, you know what you like. We like cooking up ideas that go beyond the ordinary, because that’s where things get interesting.

Turn any occasion into an exceptional moment with our uncommonly delicious infused edibles, hand-crafted from the finest ingredients and enhanced with just the right amount of top-shelf cannabis.

It’s hip to be square.

Our flagship Pie Squares are a treat for mouth and mind. The three distinct flavors of creamy filling, rich tart and smooth glaze marry in your mouth for a unique taste experience more at home on a dessert menu than in the cookie aisle. Each bite is infused with a bliss-out-not-knockout dose of the highest quality, CO2 extracted THC oil. We could tell you it’s gluten free but your mouth won’t believe you.

Other flavors:
Old Fashioned Peanut Butter
Turkish Medjool Date Caramel
Toasted Coconut Lime
Fig Cardamom

What we're up to

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A Network of Partners

Augustine products are distributed through a network of producer and processor partners. Our unique business model and exceptional product provide low-risk, turnkey opportunity to enter the growing edibles market.

Insusion Technology

We believe in blazing new trails in everything we do. To better support our partners, we’ve developed unique technology that enables an affordable and highly-controlled extraction and application process.

Want more info on becoming a partner or leasing our technology?
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